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Rollinbid ltd. [164 New Cavendish Street, London, W1W 6YT, 10697342, GB 278606957] is the Data controller responsible for the collection, use, disclosure, retention and protection of Your personal information in accordance with any applicable law and the rules set out in this Privacy Policy

1. Scope

This Privacy Policy is aimed to inform You about the rules concerning the collection, use, disclosure, retention, protection of Your personal information and the purposes of such a treatment in relation to the use of Our services and Our platform. You are asked to read this Privacy Policy carefully. Using Our services and registering to Our platform You give Your consent to the collection, processing, disclosure, retention of Your personal information by Rollinbid ltd. as set out in this Privacy Policy. For any doubt You may have regarding the provisions of this Privacy Policy and our use of Your information, You are invited to contact Us at hello@waitasecond.com. We will take any effort to solve Your doubts and to make You feel comfortable and safe in using Our services.

2. Amendments to the present Privacy Policy

We may change or amend this Privacy Policy at any time and from time to time. In this case, We will inform You of the modification adopted by posting the revised Privacy Policy on Our website and/or contacting You by email. You are requested to read carefully the amendments and modifications to Our Privacy Policy. The amended Privacy Policy will automatically take effect after 30 days from its publication on Our website. In case You do not agree with the amended Privacy Policy, You may cancel Your Account and stop using Our services. By continuing to use Our services or to access Our platform after the entry into force of the amendments, You accept the revised Privacy Policy and the amendments and You consent to the treatment of Your personal data as set for in the revised Privacy Policy.

3. Which information We collect

3.1 Information you submit to register to Our platform and Your Profile information

We collect the data that You provide us registering Your account on Our platform. These information include: - Your generalities (name, surname, date and place of birth) - Your e-mail address - Your shipping and billing address - Your picture - Your phone number - the time You register to Our platform - information about Your preferences and interests that You give Us through the Section "Favorites" of Your Account/Profile

3.2. Information about Your use of Our services

We automatically collect some information about the way You use Our services. These information include:

3.3. Information You provide communicating with Us

We collect information about Your communication and any information You choose to provide when contacting Us on Our platform through emails or other communication services

3.4. Information provided by the interaction with other Users:

We collect the information about You provided by the other Users of Our services, such as comments, feedback, messages You receive and send on Our platform and information about You and Your use of Our services that other Users may provide Us contacting Us.

3.5. Information from Third-Parties

In case You register, link or associate Your Account on Waitasecond with an account managed by other service providers, such as third-party platforms or social media, We could automatically have access to and collect additional information about in accordance with the the Privacy Policy of that Third-Party. These information may include the identity of Third-Party service, Your username, id, generalities, phone number, pictures, gender, contacts, language, interests, content You view, generate, like, information about the advertisements You received, shown and You may have clicked on and all the other contents You made available to Third parties or publicly available.

4. How We use Your information

We collect and process Your information for several purposes:

  1. Provide You Our services
    Some information about You We collect and process are necessary to allow Us to offer You Our services. For instance, the information You provide Us registering Your Account are necessary to join Our platform and to give You access to Our services, to allow You to make offers, bids, transactions, researches and communicate with Us and other Users. In the same way, We use Your information to keep update Your Account, Your Profile and Your use of Our service, such as keep track of Your contents, Your transactions, Your preferences, Your communication, Your interactions and all the relevant actions You take using Our platform, to assist You and the other Users in the fulfillment of Your transactions, to provide You help and assistance.
  2. Improve Our services
    We use the information You provide Us to improve Our services, to offer You a personalized experience on Our platform and a service capable of adapting to Your needs and preferences, to monitor and analyze the functionalities of Our services and to develop and enhance Our platform and Your experience on Waitasecond.
  3. Marketing
    We use the information about You, such as Your preferences and interest, the information about Your use of Our services, such as information about Your transaction, Your items researches, the items You put in the basket, etc., and the other information we collect about You to analyze Your preferences and interests and to inform You about items and products You may be interested in. When You register Your Account on Waitasecond You give Us Your consent to receive Our Newsletter, which aims to inform You about Our services and products and to keep You update with the best offers that may be interesting for You. We will not send You marketing communications without Your consent. You can withdraw Your consent to receive marketing communications at any time by:
    • clicking the link Unsubscribe in the email You receive
    • contacting Us by email
  4. Detection and prevention of illegal or fraudulent activities or infringements of Our Terms of Service
    We use Your information to maintain a safe environment for You and the other Users of Our services and to offer a marketplace where Our users can feel comfortable about their transactions. In order to do so, We use Your information to detect and prevent illegal, fraudulent and potentially harmful activities and to ensure the respect of and enforce this Privacy Policy and Our Terms of Service.

5. Retention

We keep the information We collect about You for the time necessary to provide You Our services and as long as You have an active account on Our platform. However, in some cases, it could be necessary for Us to keep some information about You for a certain period of time after the cancellation of Your Account in order to comply with law requirements or to perform actions related to Your activities as a User of Our services, such as collect any fees owed, resolve disputes, enforce Our Terms of Service and take other actions required or permitted by law. After this period, We will delete the information about You or adopt measures of anonymisation in order to make the information eventually retained no more attributable to You.

6. Sharing and disclosure

In order to offer You Our services and to provide You a dynamic, safe and personalized marketplace, it may be necessary to share some of Your information with other subjects. In this section, we inform you about the third parties We could share Your data with and the purposes of that disclosure of Your information.

7. How to manage Your information

You enjoy the following rights in relation to Your personal information:

Our platform provides You several ways to exercise Your rights, depending on the personal information:

7.1 Account and Profile information

Most of the personal information We hold about You can be managed directly by You. You can modify, update or delete Your Account and Profile information by accessing Your Account and Profile settings (My profile).

7.2 Other information

You can ask Us to access to the information We hold about You by contacting Us at hello@waitasecond.com. We will take all the efforts to answer Your request as soon as possible and, in case You find that Your information are inaccurate or not up to date, We will assist You to correct and update Your personal information.

7.3 Withdraw consent

You can withdraw Your consent for the processing of Your personal information for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. Remind that some of the information about You are strictly necessary to the functioning of Our services. In case you do not consent anymore to the processing of Your information, it is possible that We may not be able to provide You some or all of Our services. In this circumstances, You can delete Your Account. Remind that, as set out in section 5, after the cancellation of Your Account some of Your information may still be retained.

8. Security

We adopt administrative, technical and physical security measures to avoid the risk of loss, unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure of Your information. However, even if We maintain a continuous effort to protect your information, it is not possible to guarantee a completely safe transmission or storage of information in the internet environment. If You have any reason to believe that your account has been abused or the security of Your information has been compromised, please do not hesitate to contact Us at hello@waitasecond.com

9. Contact information

Rollinbid ltd.
164 New Cavendish Street, London, W1W 6YT, 10697342, GB 278606957

Email [hello@waitasecond.com]